We really need to drill into this. I’ve aired my views often and still believe that the lack of vision in school management coupled with providers wanting to sell set solutions is resulting in outcomes such as those highlighted in the OECD report. We cannot describe ICT as embedded into the curriculum and after 30 years championing independent learning through the use if ICT, I find this truth nothing short of heartbreaking. This has been true under several Governments although the current turn away from the progressive adds to my concerns. ICT Tested, BSF never proved the case for IT rich schools and many headteachers will still claim that they can get good results without (the expense of) computers.

I have spoken to several providers over the last few weeks who are confused by the lack of steer they get from secondary schools in particular and one wonders how things will move forward in a meaningful way. Ask yourself this question, if you were a headteacher and wanted to see some examples of how IT enhances school performance and wanted to see attainment figures to back it up, where would you look? We all know examples exists, but to a headteacher they must seem like well kept secrets.

I’ve been thinking about what needs to happen for a while now and have decided to collect examples of such practice. Not just exemplary use of ICT but ICT that results in demonstrable and measurable achievement. This year I have a bit of time and space to go look-see, record and document if need be and I don’t mind travelling. I’m saying this a bit earlier than I anticipated, but, if anyone wants to offer examples I’ll follow them up and share.